My Mother's Garden

Dated: 05/17/2018

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I love plants-perennials, shrubs, trees, all kinds-they are fascinating!

I have such fond memories of the time spent with my mom in the garden! At a very young age, I remember helping her select and plant flowers, learning the names and preferences of each plant-how much sun, how much water, what type of soil... telling them apart from their leaves, flower, fragrance or form. We would spend hours walking around looking at her garden; identifying each perennial, shrub and tree; marveling at their uniqueness, breathtaking beauty, vibrant colors and their intoxicating fragrance. Collecting and learning about the plants was just as fun! Frequenting Oakland Nursery, Straders, the bottom of the hill where the woodland plants grow (and many other places!); until we found just the gem to add to her garden.  The glorious, lush, garden park that she created is ever so beautiful!! As there are so many different types and species of plants and trees, each week I will spotlight one of them to give as many as I can, their place in the "sun" :).

Garden at my childhood home.

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Sara Blair, PSA, GRI, CREM

Hi there! My name is Sara Blair and I am a Realtor with Rise Realty and Management Co. Born and raised in a suburb of Columbus, I spent many a weekend in the country at my grandparent’s farm in Hoc....

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  • Posted by Kevin Wright
    Comments on my experiences dealing with Sara Selling and/or buying a house can be a confusing experience as you have to find your way through various decisions, forms, and often confusing processes. You want a realtor who has both the expertise and the proactive attitude to get you through all of that in a way that you are comfortable that they have everything under control and have your best interests at heart. Working with Sara Blair from Rise Reality I would highly recommend her as someone who as both the expertise and attitude that will not only get you through the processes required but also give you peace of mind that she is on top of things. She is a consummate professional with a passion for providing the best service possible.

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